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Le Totem- Center Inc

58th Ave. # 2A
Corona, NY 11368






TOTART is a: Le TOTEM- Center Inc.’s product, which is a devoted space for oral and corporal expression. As a francophone international play troop, TOTART represents literary creations in French language. As a Le TOTEM Center Inc.’s product, TOTART represents literary creations in Haitian Creole and French languages. Incorporated and functioning in the United States, TOTART also performs in English.

Because of its affiliation to Le TOTEM- Center Inc., TOTART is pursuing this center’s mission through his own goals and objectives..

Play in theater is an excellent liberation tool. This artistic expressions field is also a canal to evacuate inhibited impulses and to liberate people from repression. Thus, TOTART is a mind freeing platform and helps to conquest the sense of identity first by releasing the spirit, the gesture and the word. As the play is an artistic literary, as a factor of the imaginary, as a source of creativity, and a mean to debunk the dream, TOTART offers to the immigrant coming from francophone countries, some appropriated psychosocial development structures propitious to the appropriation of his cultural identity, and then to his personal blossoming into this adoptive nation.

The francophone international play troop is formed of francophone comedians and non francophone others, who would be interested in learning French and/or Creole languages.  It has been created into the artistic and cultural diversity and then it functions as so for the promotion of the francophone countries’ literature which have an important immigrant community living in the U.S.A. Its cultural and artistic activities would help as in popularizing the Creole and French languages in making vulgar some literary creations in the Diasporas coming from francophone countries. This troop reunites together comedians from different origins and makes them met while appropriating their mother language into the U.S.A. and shared their cultural folk

TOTART offers some representations of Francophone and Creolophone plays appropriated to different publics in the U.S.A. and above. TOTART as an international play troop offers Creolophone and Anglophone performances too, every time it is possible to connect with all parts of the community living in the USA.

Because of this diversity and because of his mission TOTART keeps itself away from sectaries and racism. TOTART is and will stay an open stage to work for the psychosocial development, and then the human one

                 TOTEM-TOTART - Tous droits réservés.